Andrew was my mentor and a big brother during my time in Synergy. One of the most innovative, knowledgable, passionate, dedicated, humble, hardworking and resourceful person I have ever met. Very fortunate to have met this servant leader who have always been our beacon of light, guiding us and constantly being the tank to our negativity. It was a great pleasure and honor working with him. To many more success, wealth and health to Andrew and Team. Arigatou Gozeimasu Dai Lou
Mark Kang
Wealth Planning Manager
Junqi has been the most helpful and caring adviser. I got myself into a most unfortunate accident this year, Junqi was efficient in submitting my claims and always checked back to ensure I was recovering well. She keeps us up to date whenever an insurance plan that serves us better comes along, be it with higher coverage or cheaper premium. At the same time, providing us with ample time to think it through before committing. I can always trust her with our insurance needs. I have recommended Junqi to my family and friends and I hope more will enjoy Junqi's service as much as I do.
Susanna Tan
Piano Teacher
Zhen Quan is very professional in his line of work and had provided very valuable advises for me. He is always ready to help and go the extra mile to fully understand my financial situation before providing me with the best solution. Each meetings we have are made comfortable and casual due to his friendly and humorous nature. This has made it very easy to discuss financial plans with him. He offers good advice, but never does pressure you to buy something you are not sure of. Zhen Quan is a dedicated, professional agent whom I would highly recommend.
Lynn Lim
April is knowledgeable, articulate, and a pleasure to work with. She constantly exudes warmness, honesty, integrity and intelligence to her policy advises - that brings a positive impact to my individual experience during our engagements. April combines her incredible talent for positioning issues and communications skills with an extraordinary sense of strategy and timing. I am deeply impressed by April’s ability to deal with even the toughest clients and situations – effortlessly. This skill often takes years to develop, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. She is someone I trust and look forward for guidance and advice when it comes to my policies.
Joel Ong
Senior Director
Linda is very sincere and trustworthy. I feel assured with her as my advisor and agent, who always has my best interest at heart. She patiently takes the time to understand my needs and lifestyle, and recommends only suitable policies that are applicable to me. When I had to make claims, she was very efficient and it made the claim process very smooth and easy for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for an advisor to take care of their insurance needs. Thank you Linda!
Yi Wen
For me, a financial advisor should be someone compassionate, empathetic, and a person you can rely on; in terms of trust and continuous support as we grow from being an individual and subsequently having a family. They should provide solutions that best suit your needs, whilst giving a peace of mind. Eeks, to me, is everything mentioned above and beyond. She is genuinely caring and gives you options to decide. The way she explains each policy is meticulous, honest, and with lots of patience. I’m glad that my husband and I have found her and so far it has been nothing short of wonderful having her as our advisor!
Ashley Khoo
Flight Attendant
Rui Han is different from the many financial planners and insurance agents. He is authentic in helping me to achieve passive income for my retirement. He has my welfare at heart which is so assuring and enlightening. Just within 1 hour, he was able to summarize my source of passive income, my overall retirement scenario, what should i do to preserve my passive income and how to generate more in the future. He even gives me valuable advice on the use of insurance plan. I would recommend him to people who want someone who has client's interest and objective at heart and genuinely provide advice based on clients' terms and interest.
Ms A
Senior Admin Executive
Alan is able to answer all of my enquiries. I am impressed and feel safe in the advice that he has offered me, not forgetting his rich knowledge in different types of product with different companies. He also patiently explained clearly about the insurance that he is offering me, letting me be clear about my needs and the things that I am buying. Alan also gave me a sense of security and responsibility in handling my portfolio, keep up the good work!
Gloria Chee
Roger is very helpful in explaining various health insurance and financial products to me. He took his best effort in explaining the rationale and principles, comparing various products, and is extremely patient with my doubts and queries. He always takes the initiatives to advise me promptly when market is fluctuating and help with fund switching/policy review/update in a timely manner. Really appreciate Roger to be with my financial planning journey. Thanks a lot for his knowledge, experience, dedication and professionalism.
Meng Yao
Alfred is someone I’ve known more than a decade and a man I can trust without a doubt. I appreciate his patience and guidance on the investment policies we talked about during our meet. Yes, it might be easier to close with warm clients, but Alfred, was professional regardless. His approached to his clients and presentation of the products are clear and precise, leaving no information out. All in all, I appreciate his efforts in our lengthy session. Addressing to my needs and expectations. You don’t find many of him these days. A treasure in the industry I must say.
Jerard Tng
Inventory Maintentance Technician
I am very grateful to have known Clive and I really appreciate his advice on my current insurance policies. After reviewing my existing insurance policies, he is able to quickly identify the protection gap and recommend suitable policies to bridge this gap. He also went the extra mile to compile a detailed comparison table of various policies and explained which policy is more suitable for me. He is very patient in understanding my concerns and answering any queries that I may have. Would definitely recommend anyone in need of insurance advice to get in touch with Clive!
Mr G
Jia Min is a responsive and dependable advisor. There were a few claims I needed help with recently, and she has assisted me promptly, ensuring that the claims process is smooth and paid out asap. Much appreciated! As she sends me important updates from time to time, we’ve kept in touch and I’ve reach out for a policy review recently. In our recent session, she is able to put herself into our shoes to optimise my family’s coverage and cater to my needs. She is also able recommend the best value insurer accordingly, taking care of any pros and cons of each insurer I should be aware of.
Mr Tay
Marketing General Manager